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I have always been wondering if any of the guys I used to ride with still have their bikes or loose parts or remains…

A couple of weeks ago a friend gave me contact details of one of the guys I used to ride with. I made contact and we have been chatting a bit and he told me he actually still has his whole bike. I asked him for pictures and he sent them through to me.

This is what I received:


I was a little disappointed that the bike had been weathering and just been dumped onto some storage boxes in a garage but I was a bit more excited to actually see and relate to one of the bikes we admired as kids.

After chatting for a couple of days we decided to meet up and he wanted to come check out my bikes. I brought him to my place and showed him and you could actually see he was having flashbacks and started calling up some of the other riders he is in contact with. Started taking pics of my bikes and shared them with those guys too. Then I twisted his arm to mission through to his place to go check his bike and see what can be done to save the unused gem. Nothing major upon arrival but this bike sure showed some signs of how this bike has been used in the past. A true reflection of what we worked with as kids and how we used to shred them. I was quite happy in assisting him with cleaning it up but I think I got him too excited now that between yesterday and today he actually started and finished cleaning it off, including a full service and the bike is running smoothly again (or in his words “sagkuns” meaning tenderly).

Here are the cleaning pics:

IMG-20141112-WA0025 IMG-20141112-WA0026 IMG-20141112-WA0024 IMG-20141112-WA0027 IMG-20141112-WA0028 IMG-20141112-WA0029

There is a bit of a story regarding the Dyno stickers and the colour of the bike. Here goes:

The frame started cracking at the seat post. He decided its time for a change due to a couple of other guys also getting the Supergoose. He wanted to be different and went with the yellow. The reason for the Dyno stickers was that he was the only one that could get it that time amongst the friends. So a bit of uniqueness was his aim with it. He has achieved this in my opinion as I don’t think anyone in this day and age is that brave to “label” his or her bike anything its not.

Well here are the pics I was sent of the complete, revived Gem it is. Another 1983 Mongoose Supergoose III.  Enjoy!

IMG-20141113-WA0015 IMG-20141113-WA0014 IMG-20141113-WA0012 IMG-20141113-WA0010 IMG-20141113-WA0008 IMG-20141113-WA0009 IMG-20141113-WA0006