On a regular I am asked the following: “Can you get me a mongoose BMX?” followed with “What do they sell for?” My response always is, “I will see and let you know”…and for the latter I use a ratio which is:

Sellers asking price VS Buyers affordability

The bikes we own does not have a price tag. Its not standing on a manufacturers showroom floor. It does not have a price. However if someone asks for a price and you give it, its up to them to decide to grab or walk away.

What I do not get though is that when you give a price for something, you never hear from them again. LOL. Were they actually keen to get a bike as previously stated? Were they looking to buy and sell and score a buck or two? Were they genuinely looking to buy some of their memories? I will help anytime and anyone but I will never force anyone to purchase anything not if they are not by their means. I will try and assist the smallest budget but do not expect a showroom bike.

A couple of years ago I decided that I always wanted to buy back my BMXing memories…I searched around on the local ads and found nothing. I then decided to search abroad to see what it would cost to bring in (via eBay) and was enroute to fulfil that. I had a capped budget at this point and never applied the final click. After being patient and waiting and still searching the local ads I came across a BMX that was not known when I used to ride in the 90s. I purchased it and that’s where it all began again. A couple of months later I found the real bike I always wanted as a kid (and which I ended up having and retiring with)…this was a Supergoose. I think it was all meant to be as my capped price in my head was the sellers asking price. I did not negotiate a single cent on this bike and I was quite happy paying it. I was really after my childhood dream at this point and finally got it “back”. Its was my favourite bike then…and its my favourite bike now. I do not regret spending what I did on it. It brings a smile to my face when I ride it. I am happy with my purchase even though the asking price was miles apart from when I left the BMXing in 2001.

I know I stepped away from the subject of this post but I felt I needed to share my “feelings” regarding my / our bikes and their worth to us VS what everyone else thinks they are worth to them. I sold my Supergoose for R600 in 2001. When people ask me what i paid for my current Supergoose they tell me I am crazy and they do not believe me. At the rate that things are going it seems people still want to pay these types of prices for these bikes but they claim they “Really want one”. When asked the question regarding ‘how much” and you answer…that’s the last you hear from them.

So yeah…this is becoming very common for me…and just thought I would get that off my chest.

Here are a few pics of my current Pride and Joy.

1983 Mongoose Supergoose III

Drive side view

Top or rider’s view