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A couple of friends and I decided to plan a little ride around Sea Point, Cape Town South Africa on Saturday and go for breakfast at one of the restaurants in the area. I had a little mission on my hands and needed / wanted to complete my latest addition, a 1983 Mongoose Supergoose, for this ride.

On Wednesday evening I started stripping the bike to clean and degrease all bearings and cups etc.

This is what the work bench looked like at the end of the evening:


Started the rebuild and service of it on Thursday evening at around 9 and ended up throwing in the towel and cleaning up at around 12 that night.

2014-11-13 23.26.35

On Friday after work I had to put in a couple of hours if I wanted to take this bike out on a ride Saturday morning. I was a bit pressured for time due to other plans for the evening with it being Friday and all and needed / wanted to finish installing the cranks, sprocket as well as set up the brakes for it to be ready for final tweaking in the morning. Everything went as planned but just as I was happy with everything I realised that the Shimano freewheel was slipping a bit. I left it as is and was willing to take the risk an pedal it as is.
20141114_172924I came home a bit late that night and set my alarm to wake up to test the bike before heading out. Something was bugging me and telling me to swop out the Araya 7x wheel set for the Araya 7c wheel set for the ride. The question running through my head was…”do you want to be stranded and have to push all the way to the car in the event the freewheel slips continuously?” My answer that morning was to just swop them out. So that morning I changed the wheel set with the more reliable set of blue Araya 7c fitted with the 16T Suntour freewheel as well as the final tweaking.

The end result was this:


I had finished it in time to head out for a ride with some time to spare. Pulled out the car and was about to pack the bike in to head off to the destination and decided to have a mini photo shoot.

20141115_083514 20141115_083529~01 20141115_083546~01

We (my Supergoose and I) missioned off to our destination. Upon arrival I couldn’t wait to get it out of the car to pedal it out in the open. I must say it gave quite a pleasant ride. Really enjoyed riding this little bike. En-route to our breakfast destination we came across the Nelson Mandela Ray Ban memorial set up on the Sea Point Pavilion. I saw the perfect opportunity to snap a picture of this with my bike.

This was the result:

Ray ban supergooseAll in all, it was great fun stripping this bike down, assembling it again as well as pedalling it out in the open and using it for its purpose and not just a show piece to be looked at and admired. Some forget what a BMX was built for.

Moral of the story is…Some guys and girls spend lots of money on their show pieces but never really get the opportunity to pedal it and fully know what their bikes feel like due to things like NOS (New Old Stock) parts which they fitted to their NOS or refurbished frames…things like brake pads that never get the opportunity to be used for what it was made for…bonding to the speeding wheel set…having your pedal carry your body’s weight and listening to your freewheel clicking while you free the bike downhill.

Well that concludes the little joy I had over this couple of days that I felt I wanted to share. Until next time…stay tuned, subscribe and don’t be afraid to leave a comment and share with the rest of the BMXing community.