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Its been a while and thought I would start updating this blog with some pictures and specs and where I can throw in some words. So here goes…

First up is my 1983 Pro Class

As every brand has their flagship model…this one is Mongoose’s flagship known as the Pro Class. This is my first one ever owned. Even back in the days I was not exposed to these for some reason (Probably as they were not really affordable for anyone I surrounded myself with back in the days – let alone myself LOL). The only “Pro class” items we used to be exposed to were the bars and power discs.

Pro riders like Andy Ruffell used to race on these bikes and showed its capabilities.

Andy Ruffell

So this was definitely the one I had to get to finish off my 83 Collection of Mongoose BMXs.

Here are the component list of my one in its current form:

1983 Pro Class frame
Supergoose forks
Pro Class bars (Maurice Stamped)
ACS Mongoose stem
Blue 7C Araya with Shimano via hubs and Shimano 17T chrome freewheel
Cheng Shin reproduction 20×2.125 tyres
Pro Class disc with Shimano 44T chain ring and Suntour chain ring bolts
Mongoose 175 cranks
SR P468 Pedals
Mongoose Stainless steel seat post (Maurice Stamped)
Dia Compe seat post clamp (DC Stamped)
Blue Viscount BMX Aero Seat
OG Mongoose Pad set
Blue Mongoose Grips
Shimano DX brake lever and MX 1000 brake caliper


I am very happy with the overall look of this bike but it would still need to be refurbished. One thing for sure if that I like the stance of this bike and it rides like a dream. Very good geometry for someone of my physique LOL.

Stay tuned for some more updates on the rest of the bikes…