Ashley M (Rad Life BMX)
Cape Town

Bio: Capturing moments and sharing it with everyone within reach. Contact: ashleycmurray@gmail.com Twitter: radlifebmx Website for FreeAgent BMX: http://freeagentbmx.co.za

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Howzit, I saw your post on the Hub and I am nuts about the mongoose. I am on the search for one and yes I want to relieve my childhood. what bikes do you have that are for sale. Although I stay in Jhb I am in CPT often.

  2. Awesome bikes, I bought a used 1998 Chromed Mongoose, for my son…Went and stripped down the bike, used rust remover (diet Coke and aluminum/ fine steel wool)…Looking for where to get some Decals to replace the old ones on the bike…And my son loves his BMX, and will not allow anyone to ride it, at least until he “crashes” it first…LOL..

    • Hi, Sorry for the late reply. That’s really cool Trevor. Its good to get them so excited about BMXing. I hope its not just a phase and that you as his dad motivates him to pursue it as a sport to be involved in. If you need any advice please send me an email and I will try and assist where I can to help him to keep at it. Have a RAD day!

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